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In the Municipalities

The local authorities impact the health of the residents: investment in infrastructures such as parks, walk trails and shaded exercise facilities and the food served at public schools.

We have gathered here for your suggestions, policy documents, ideas, working plans and examples to help you as residents or as decision makers in recruiting your local authority to advance policies, programs and activities that will make the residents live more active and healthier.

5 Things You Should You Know About

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Drink Healthy at the Local Authorities

Projects and Initiatives at the Local Authorities

Eat Healthy at the Local Authorities

Being Active at the Local Authorities

Well Being at the Local Authorities

5 Things you should know In the Municipalities

  1. More than 30 authorities joined the 'Efsharibari in the City' program totaling over 3.5 million residents.
  2. Authorities joining the 'Efsharibari in the City' program are eligible for financial assistance and grants to improve the physical infrastructures such as shading, water facilities, lighting, marking and signposting of walking trails, and park and playground activities
  3. The local authorities have a significant effect on an environment that encourages healthy eating: they are responsible for the food that is served in the public institutions such as schools and kindergartens, community centers and more, and of course for purchasing food for the employees in the municipalities and their financial companies.
  4. According to models and pilot programs that have been conducted in the past, the authority leader's commitment to carry out the plan, to hire a designated health coordinator, and make an annual work plan is essential for attaining a measurable and lasting change.
  5. In order to instigate a meaningful and sustainable change in the resident's life, it is essential to execute intervention programs designated for various communities – suitable for the different residential areas, the culture, age group, and more.