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Efsharibari: Vision and Goals

Creating an environment that facilitates and fosters a culture of health, a reality where active and healthy living is our nature and our children’s nature, in all walks of life

The vision

Creating an environment that facilitates and fosters a culture of health, a reality in which active and healthy living is our nature and our children’s nature, throughout the wheel of life.

The mission

“Every person has the right to active and healthy living and an environment that facilitates one, each individual has the right to influence its realization on a personal, community and public level”.

Principles of action

  • Plan, develop and execute a public policy
  • Develop an enabling and supportive environment: physical, social, communication, educational and organizational.
  • Develop a fabric of links, initiatives and partnerships.
  • Build a supportive community and create a broad social movement.
  • Make active and healthy principles of life an accepted and valued social norm.

All of this is done while respecting basic social values of: freedom, privacy, justice, equality, solidarity, mutual respect, wellbeing and self-fulfillment.


  • Lead a national effort aimed at promoting the health of Israeli residents, working to create an environment that facilitates and supports active and healthy living and promotes healthier dietary habits incorporating physical activity into daily activities among all population groups.
  • Develop an innovative fabric of links, initiatives and partnerships between the local and public government and business sectors.
  • To place the issue of active and healthy living at the forefront of the public, political, media, social and personal agendas.
  • To create a broad and inclusive social movement for an active, healthier and better life.
  • To inspire, encourage and promote active and healthy lifestyle in the establishment, local government, institutions, organizations, business sector, media, opinion leaders and the public at large – at national, local and community levels.
  • To make active and healthy living an accepted and valued social norm in Israel.


  • Policy development, including legislation, and enforcement.
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship promotes active and healthy living led by the individual, civil society, and local organizations.
  • To improve health and wellness through raising the rate of physical activity throughout the life cycle.
  • Maintain and strengthen healthy eating habits among healthy eaters, raise healthy food intake among the general public, and reduce saturated foods in sugars, fats and salt.
  • To prevent weight gain in the normal weight population, and reduce overweight and obesity rates among the overweight population.
  • Plan, develop and implement actions in various environments and circles.
  • Distribute and make available relevant information, impart knowledge, tools, and skills in nutrition and exercise.
  • Raise awareness, strengthen the discourse and social norms that promote active and healthy living over time.

Target audience, from the Efsharibari brand book:

ספר המותג של אפשרי בריא

Efsharibari Target Audience:
General population
Populations with unique characteristics and needs
Leaders and opinion leaders – at national, local and community levels
Partners and interested parties – leaders who promote Active and healthy living in the commercial and non-commercial sectors, industry, services and media
Organizations – and non-governmental institutions and civil social organizations
Local leadership – local authorities and their organizations
Institutional – Israeli government members, Knesset members, managers and staff from the ministries of health, education, culture and sports


The 2020 goals are meant to reduce the rate of chronic illness:

  1. Increasing those engaging in health promoting physical activity throughout the life cycle
  2. Increasing healthy food intake and reducing salt consumption in the population
  3. Preventing weight gain in a normal weight population and reducing overweight and obesity in the overweight population

The program works in accordance with the recommendations outlined by the “Healthy 2020” Initiative (Hebrew) established in 2005 by the Ministry of Health to formulate a master plan for the State of Israel in the field of prevention and promotion of health. Its goals: improving quality of life and extending life expectancy of the population, while reducing the health gaps within it. Efsharibari goals are based on the goals set by the “Healthy 2020” professional committees.

The program's name, “Efsharibari” embodies our responsibility as a state, to allow everyone to eat healthy, be active and feel great and our commitment to an environment that allows healthier choices for its residents.

Further reading

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