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Efsharibari: The National Program Brand for Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Not just for designers: A complete and comprehensive brand book with everything that’s important to know about strategy, design, colors, fonts, photographic language and applications with existing

The Efsharibari brand is supposed to serve as an umbrella for all programs, projects and initiatives in the field of active and healthy lifestyles in Israel, through government departments, local authorities, associations, media factors, community organizations, private bodies and more. The brand book is intended to reinforce the brand and collate its values, goals and characteristics and was written to provide implementation tools, definitions and contents for use under the brand in order to create a uniform brand language with regards to messages, contents, photographic graphics and atmosphere to be used by all involved parties.

The brand name Efsharibari represents Israel’s responsibility to enable everyone to eat healthy food, be active and feel great, and Israel’s obligation to create an environment that allows better health for its population. The logo chosen for the brand is colorful, filled with animals and round to represent all circles of life and the collaboration between all factors in society to create active and healthy Living. The brand name and logo are also in the book in English and Arabic.

Brand Book (Hebrew)ספר המותג אפשרי בריא

Out of the Efsharibari Brand Book

Eat healthy, be active and feel great – that’s Efsharibari

The national program for Active and healthy Lifestyle – Efsharibari is a fusion of forces led by the Ministries of Health, Culture and Sport and Education; their partners are the public, all government departments, local authorities, civilian organizations and the business sector. This national move is intended to bring about important and significant health and social change, and constitutes the implementation of the Israeli government's resolution of December 8, 2011 to establish a national project to promote a physical, social, communication and institutional living environment that enables and supports a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The program's name, “Efsharibari” embodies our responsibility as a state, to allow everyone to eat healthy, be active and feel great and our commitment to an environment that allows healthier choices for its residents.

This brand book collates the national program’s values, goals and characteristics and it was formulated, written and produced by all program participants in a collaborative effort and in cooperation with the marketing communications team in the Department of Communications at Tel Aviv University.


The marketing communications team of the national program for Active and healthy Lifestyle – Efsharibari  is acting on behalf the Tel Aviv University Communications Department. Rami Hesseman – moderator of the professional team and acts as the Marketing Strategy Administrator, Ofir Reichman – leads the Marketing Communications, Shusha Cohen – managed creative and Re-Levant Studio, managed by Amnon Illuz – designed the logo, formulated the brand language and is responsible for the Efsharibari creative.

Rami Hesseman, Strategy Manager The national program for Active and healthy Lifestyle – Efsharibari, in a lecture about the branding process and formulation of the Efsharibari strategy at the Ministry of Education. How do you design a social change? How do you create a brand? You are welcome to dive into the Efsharibari brand strategy – The national program for Active and healthy Lifestyle, watch the unique approach developed, the problems and dilemmas, solutions and application methods (Hebrew):