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Age Friendly Environments: the Guide for Municipalities

Proposals and plans of Action for local councils seeking to promote physical and social environments encouraging healthy active aging

An age friendly local council is one that encourages healthier and more active aging and allows well-being during all stages of life.

A summary of the booklet "Age Friendly Environments in Israel: a Guide for the Local Councils", by the Healthy Cities Network, is based on the guide written by the World Health Organization, and has been formulated and customized for Israel by a team of experts in the field of old age, health promotion, municipal health coordinators who are members of the network, and a variety of government and voluntary bodies.

In the booklet, you can find:

Recommendations for becoming part of and understanding the process required by the municipality to customize the municipality or make it age friendly; preparing a program and determining success and performance indices; implementing the program and measuring its performance and success.

A wide variety of areas of action: prevention of falls and safe walking, prevention of loneliness among senior citizens, development of personal and communal strength, healthy nutrition and nutritional security, encouragement of physical activity, and more.

Download the booklet summary (Hebrew)
Download the full booklet (Hebrew)
"Efsharibari in the City" Guidebook for Municipalities (in Hebrew)