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The 'EfshariBari in the City' Initiative

Let us introduce: The “EfshariBari in the City” initiative is a unique model for promoting active and healthy living among residents – it includes actions in the local and national levels.

EfshariBari in the City
The National Project for an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

EfshariBari in the City: part of the national EfshariBari project

The National Project for an Active and Healthy Lifestyle – EfshariBari aims to create a physical, social and economic living environment that promotes and enables active and healthy living. Every person should be able to integrate healthy physical activity and healthy eating habits with their lives. The program is led by the Ministry of Health and many partners, most notably the ministries of education, culture, and sports. Local authorities are an important and central strategic partner in achieving this goal.

How do local authorities affect the sustainable promotion of an active and healthy lifestyle?

Local authorities have an influence on creating a physical environment in which you can move. In an environment where there are illuminated and safe walking paths, parks, and shaded fitness facilities that are easily accessible and have guided activities, people can incorporate exercise with their daily schedule. Authorities have an influence on the creation of environments that encourage healthy eating: they are responsible for the food served in public institutions such as schools and preschools, community centers and more. They also influence the promotion of an active and healthy life through policy-making, programs and information for populations throughout people's life, including disadvantaged populations. It is also important to take into account the commitment of the authorities to residents, especially as more and more residents want and expect the local authority to act on the issue and care about their health and quality of life.

“EfshariBari in the City” initiative – proven model for the promotion of active and healthy living for residents
The goal of the “EfshariBari in the City” initiative is to establish the commitment of local authorities to promote and increase health. The initiative is based on a model that has been tested and proven to be effective.

The Ministry of Health, through the “EfshariBari in the City” initiative, transfers some resources to suburban, urban, and neighborhood levels that best recognize the needs and features of residents and adapt them to more effective activities. This is another step in strengthening the interface between urbanism and health. “EfshariBari in the City” engages local authorities in advancing health promotion efforts in the public sphere in Israel.

Work model at the local authority level

A local authority's compliance with prerequisites that exist in the authority predict long-term success (threshold conditions) and include:

  1. Obligation of the mayor to lead the program.
  2. Employment of a dedicated health coordinator.
  3. The existence of an active steering committee for health promotion.
  4. Annual work plan for active and healthy lifestyle.
  5. Tracking “EfshariBari in the City” metrics.

Full threshold conditions are updated within the reading voices

Support model for promoting “EfshariBari in the City” at a national level

  1. Setting benchmarks for management infrastructure (later - star model).
  2. Support from local authorities that meet the “EfshariBari in the City” threshold conditions by calling for the implementation of plans and actions and encouraging authorities to meet the threshold conditions.
  3. Publication of a list of “EfshariBari in the City” authorities that meet threshold conditions and pledge to lead the project and will receive an EfshariBari icon with the name of the authority. This list will be updated and published once a year.
  4. Access to information, professional and explanatory tools, and national health metrics segmented to the authorities. Designed to help authorities build and implement an urban plan for active and healthy living.
  5. Professional accompaniment for authority coordinators. The authorities and professional support will be accompanied by the health bureaus and the Healthy Cities Network and the Local Government Center, partners in promoting health in the authorities.
  6. Continue to strengthen inter-ministerial collaborations to pool health promotion activities and resources.

EfshariBari in the City local authorities

In August 2018, a first call from the Ministry of Health was released for the support of local authorities to carry out programs under the “EfshariBari in the City” initiative. Alongside support of authorities that meet the threshold conditions, the Ministry of Health and national project EfshariBari help authorities from low socio-economic areas meet required threshold conditions, and in 2018, seven authorities received support from the Ministry with funding a health coordinator.

The “EfshariBari in the City” program is being carried out in combination with other moves from the “EfshariBari” national program and with partners including the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture and Sports: in schools and preschools, and appropriate national advocacy measures to encourage healthy nutrition and exercise. We are confident that this kind of activity will bring real and lasting change that will make healthier choices easier and more accessible in all walks of life.

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