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Most of our lives, we spend at work in front of a screen. There are many things that we and our employees can do to make our daily schedule much healthier.

It is also cost-effective: workplaces that help their employees be more active and healthier are creating a win-win situation. An organizational culture in which the employees are more united and committed to the organization, which cares for their health, in which their satisfaction is increased and at the same time the absence and sick days, as well as the turnover rate, is reduced. Efsharibari National Project works to identify and remove regulatory and legal barriers that are making it difficult to make healthy changes to workplaces, alongside developing and providing accessible, applicable plans and a detailed guide for health promoting processes in an organization and making them available.

5 Things You Should You Know About

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Drink Healthy at Work

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Being Active at Work

Well Being at Work

5 Things you should know At Work

  1. Are you buying refreshments for meetings? You must know that following the Efsharibari initiative, the tax authority has recognized, as of June 2018, fruits and vegetables as a deductible expense – precisely like pastry and sweetened beverages.
  2. Employers who invest in the promotion of health enjoy an increase in work productivity, a decrease in the employees' absence days and an increase in their employees' satisfaction.
  3. A healthy change in the vending machines: It is worthwhile to start a change by adding healthy products such as sliced vegetable packages and whole wheat sandwiches and replacing the existing snacks and candy with smaller packages.
  4. It is possible, even with limited resources, to make a difference in any organization: intimate familiarity with the organization's characteristics, employees and their needs, will lead to correct planning and for driving processes that lead to successful execution.
  5. The administrations' support is essential for the implementation of any change or initiative within the organization, and it increases the chance that the organizational resources are correctly allocated and encourages the participation of employees of all ranks.