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Eat Healthy

Efsharibari’s Bread Symbol – Make a Healthy Choice!

The shelves in retail chains are filled with many kinds of dark breads with names that give the impression of a healthy product, but not all are made of whole grain flour.

Eat Healthy

Buy Healthier and Cheaper? It's Efsharibari

If you take into account all aspects and consequences, it turns out that buying healthy food isn't only more expensive – it is even more economical

Eat Healthy

Switching to Consumption of Healthier Oils

What is the difference between the various types of fat in our food, why should healthier fat intake be part of a healthy diet, and which ones are indeed more beneficial?

Efsharibari Report 2019

Activity report of the National Program for Active and Healthy Living for the year 2019

EfshariBari Purim

Purim has become in recent years a holiday of sweets and processed snacks that have taken over the Purim baskets that children bring to school and preschool – but there is another way!

About the National Program for an Active and Healthy Lifestyle – Efsharibari

With the Efsharibari program, the Ministries of Health, Education, and Culture and Sports are leading a joint effort in the national and local level to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity

Efsharibari Challenge: The Key to Change and Healthy Living

Efsharibari's new strategy: promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity – the intelligent use of screens, strengthening the might and coping with stress and smoking prevention

Eat Healthy

New Government Dietary Guidelines

Eat natural, colorful food, with familiar, favorite flavors and smells – and mainly eat healthier food. Everything you need to know about the Ministry of Health’s dietary guidelines and their health

Eat Healthy

Nutrition During Wartime

During wartime, eating habits often change; at times, swallowing becomes challenging, and at other times, people continue to eat. We can support those around us in managing these situations.

Eat Healthy

Get Creative with the Nutritional Rainbow

Ways to implement the new nutritional rainbow for various target audiences and in various community settings

Eat Healthy

Less Sodium – Better Health

What is sodium, why is it concealed in so many foods (sweet ones too!) and why shouldn’t we consume too much of it?

Eat Healthy

Enriched Homemade Granola

No odd-sounding additives, much less fat and sugar, more ingredients rich in minerals and vitamins - this homemade granola is fun to make and eat by ourselves or send to someone we want to cheer

Healthy Urban Space – Shaping Urban Space to Promote Walking and Physical Activities

Documents with recommendations and examples for local councils for shaping the public space in such a way as to promote walking and physical activity.

EfshariBari Passover

Smell the flowers, catch-up on quality time with the family and enjoy an active and healthy holiday. The spring break can also be EfshariBari.

Eat Healthy


Fresh, easy and quick to prepare foods for the family instead of ultra-processed foods.