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Eat Healthy

Labeling Bulk Foods with the Green Symbol – For Supermarket Owners

The Ministry of Health's recommendations for labeling bulk foods with the green symbol serves as an opportunity for a unique and health-conscious customer service.

Eat Healthy

Chicken and Pepper Shawarma With Freekeh (Durum Wheat) and Cabbage Salad With Mint

Strips of chicken breast fried in a hot pan with onions and colorful peppers, with smoked freekeh stew and white cabbage salad with mint

Eat Healthy

Read, Compare and Choose Healthier: Ingredient List and Nutritional Labeling

How the ingredient list and nutrition labels can help us better understand what goes into the shopping cart – and choose healthier

Well Being

Emergency Routine with Children

How do you create a routine during emergencies at home? How do you enhance resilience among children? What can be done, and what should not be done?

Eat Healthy

Nutrition During Wartime

During wartime, eating habits often change; at times, swallowing becomes challenging, and at other times, people continue to eat. We can support those around us in managing these situations.

Eat Healthy

Bread and Whole Grains

What are whole grains? Why should they be part of your diet and how will you know which bakery goods are (really) made of whole grains?

Eat Healthy

Healthy Food Packages for Soldiers

We at EfshariBari suggest that you select foods that will both benefit the soldiers' health and delight them.

Well Being

Healthy Anywhere, Anytime: Emergency Routine

How can routine be maintained during emergencies? Tips for adults over 18

Eat Healthy

The Nutritional Rainbow Diet for Healthy Nutrition

Eating Efsharibari according to the Ministry of Health's national nutritional recommendations

Eat Healthy

Processed Foods - Cast Aside, Fresh Equals Efsharibari!

What are the definitions of processed and ultra-processed foods, why do we tend to consume too much of them, and what can be done so that even in your family you can cast the processed food aside?

Eat Healthy

Healthier Hanukkah Even during the Coronavirus Outbreak: anywhere, anytime, It's Efsharibari

Healthier Hanukkah during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Eat Healthy

Less Sodium – Better Health

What is sodium, why is it concealed in so many foods (sweet ones too!) and why shouldn’t we consume too much of it?

Efsharibari in the City: Ashkelon

Ashkelon, with its growing population, boasts not only its scenic sea-facing hills, ample greenery, and park spaces, but also infrastructure aimed at promoting the well-being of its residents.

Efsharibari in the City: Ramla

With a rich and fascinating history, Ramla is moving forward to promote the health of its residents with several new initiatives.

Measurement and Assessment in Efsharibari

Summary of measurement and assessment tools for diverse needs including mapping of needs, systematic monitoring and control, examination of results and continuous improvement