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Labeling Bulk Foods with the Green Symbol – For Supermarket Owners

The Ministry of Health's recommendations for labeling bulk foods with the green symbol serves as an opportunity for a unique and health-conscious customer service.

What is the green symbol?

The green symbol is an elective form of labeling. The categories and criteria for a product to be labeled with the green symbol conform to the Israeli reality and are based on the Ministry of Health's up-to-date recommendations for healthy nutrition, recommendations that have been based on the principles of the Mediterranean nutrition
Further reading on the green symbol

Why should I label bulk foods with the green symbol?

  • Your business logo side by side with the Ministry of Health's logo – in a joint venture
  • The green symbol in the sale point promotes your customers' health
  • Reinforcing your customers' trust – you care about them!
  • Increased sales – It was found that positive labeling on the front of the package increases sales figures.

What can be labeled with the green symbol?

The green symbol vis suitable for certain foods, both on the package of packaged products and on products sold in bulk.
Bulk foods that may be eligible for the green symbol on the shelf signs include:

  • Fresh eggs
  • Raw fish
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Nuts and whole grains with no additives

For the full list of foods recommended for labeling with the green symbol (in Hebrew)

How do I label bulk food with the green symbol?

Labeling bulk food with the green symbol is very easy to implement. The Ministry of Health has prepared detailed guidelines on how to use the green symbol when labeling bulk food (in Hebrew).

Example of shelf labeling in Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem

Join the ranks of the supermarkets and retailers that have already begun labeling bulk food with the green symbol!

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