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Public Appeal 14584 for Supporting Local Councils as Part of the Efsharibari in the City Initiative 2022

The Ministry of Health issues public appeal 14584 in order to encourage local councils to establish and expand plans for promoting an active and healthy lifestyle

Last date for submissions is 9.3.2022.

Purpose of the support and the support tracks

The support is intended to encourage local councils in Israel to establish and reinforce the health unit and the local council's administrative infrastructure and expand the annual health promotion programs through participation in the 'Efsharibari in the City' initiative.

The support offered through this public appeal is divided into two tracks:

A. Support track 1: Intended for local councils that meet the recognition criteria for local councils participating in 'Efsharibari in the City' for the promotion of health in their jurisdiction in 2022.
B. Support track 2: Support in 2022 for local councils that began the process of establishing a health unit and commit to meeting the recognition criteria for participation in in 'Efsharibari in the City' during the year and to implementing a health promotion work plan.

Details of the support

Application method Last date for applications Budget scope Supported councils
Government support website 9.3.2022 15,000,000 "Local council" - municipality, local council and regional council

Assistance with questions and clarifications

In case of technical difficulties, contact the technical support staff of the MERKAVA portal at 02-5012443.

Below is the explanatory presentation that was presented at the orientation meeting for council representatives on February 15, 2022, as well as a document with frequently-asked-questions regarding public appeal 14584 that were presented to the Ministry through the online form as well as in the orientation meeting (HE).

Explanatory presentation from the orientation meeting for council representatives, public appeal 14584
Answers to frequently-asked-questions for public appeal 14584
Summary and visual explanation for the options for generating a centralized work plans file and for editing said plans file on the online system

Please note:

  • Applications must be filed through the MERKAVA portal and they must include all of the required documents and forms as specified in the public appeal.
  • Once you have uploaded all the filled out required documents to the MERKAVA portal, click "Submit created application" (in the main page in the category "applications"). Without this action, there will be no confirmation that the documents have been submitted, even if they have been entered. 
  • Additionally, as part of Efsharibari in the City 2022, you must log into a task-specific system of Efsharibari in the City created for filling out the required online documents.
  • The final decision on the allocation of funds is subject to the approval of the Support Committee.

Files and links

A. The full support document – The Ministry of Health's public appeal number 14584 (HE) for supporting local councils implementing health plans and recognizing these councils as participants in the 'Efsharibari in the City' initiative 2022.

B. Links to the required documents (HE):

  1. Head of council declaration and commitment to lead and to promote the 'Efsharibari in the City' initiative in the council (K001)
  2. Head of council and treasurer declaration and commitment to fulfill the terms, conditions and guidelines:
  3. Online questionnaire – The indices of 'Efsharibari in the City' (for online completion only). This PDF file, identical to the online questionnaire, can be used to help prepare all the details before filling out the online form.
  4. Format of an 'Efsharibari in the City' work plan (for online completion only). This PDF file, identical to the online questionnaire, can be used to help prepare all the details before filling out the online work plan.
  5. Recommended structure for the protocols of the steering committees

C. Required forms, in accordance with the guidance by the Accountant General, that will appear upon creation of the application in the portal.

Recommendations and sources for planning

  1. It is important to read the public appeal documents carefully, especially the section that provides the guidelines for writing the work plan in the first addition to the public appeal.
  2. It is important to rely on mapping or surveys if previously taken in the local council, and of course the indices questionnaire that you are required to fill out as part of this public appeal. Some of the health indices are provided in the locality health map – the Ministry of Health's geographic information portal.
  3. You may use the following sources:

Involved parties and professional assistance

  1. It is important to get the various partners involve in the program, especially the directors of education and sports, the steering committee and get the top council officials involved in order to receive a confirmation for the required budgetary commitment.
  2. When planning the work plan, it is important to get the health promoters in the local health bureaus (HE) involved, subject to their availability. If necessary, you may also contact Efsharibari staff.
  3. You should contact professionals who specialize in writing health promotion plans and other professionals according to the subject of your plan:
  4. You should consult officials who are experienced in filling out public appeal documents for local councils in the MERKAVA portal and be prepared ahead of time to fill out all the documents and forms.
  5. It is recommended that you come to the orientation meeting where your questions will be answered and you can get help filling out the documents.

Further reading

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