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The current consumption and nutritional habits are based in many cases on processed and industrialized food, eaten "On the go," quickly, not always in the company of family and friends, and in many cases in front of the abundance of screens, which are filling our environment. The Mediterranean diet recommendations that have been formulated in the nutritional division of the Ministry of Health seek to contest all the aspects of this reality. For the first time, they don't only consist of lists of recommended food but they also refer to the manner in which we eat the food, its origins and even our physical activity habits.

What happens to our body during the winter? Why are we so hungry? Why do we have an increasing appetite for carbohydrates? Is there any healthy “comfort” food?

Eat natural, colorful food, with familiar, favorite flavors and smells – and mainly eat healthier food. Everything you need to know about the Ministry of Health’s dietary guidelines and their health

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