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Get Creative with the Nutritional Rainbow

Ways to implement the new nutritional rainbow for various target audiences and in various community settings

The food pyramid has been with us for many years. It was learned in various settings; it was present in practically every presentation or lesson on healthy nutrition; and it is deeply embedded in our memory.

Consequently, an extensive and significant paradigm shift is necessary; an extensive and long-term introduction of the nutritional rainbow that will introduce the new nutritional recommendations and their implementation on individual, familial and social levels.

For further information on the nutritional rainbow – The nutritional rainbow for a healthy diet

How to implement the new nutritional rainbow?

The implementation of the nutritional rainbow requires some creative thinking, collaborations, adjustments for various target audiences (preschool, elementary school, middle and high school, older adults and more) and extensive publications in the various media platforms, according to the main strategies: 

Policies and general protocols – for example, the Director General's memo on healthy snacks in meetings and conferences – Civil Service Commission (HE).

Physical environment, public sphere and public education – Shaping the public sphere in open markets and around venues where food is sold, displaying the nutritional rainbow on screens in waiting rooms in HMO clinics, setting the rainbow as a screensaver for computers at work, publications and communication of information on various media (see also: Efsharibari social networks) and more.

Programs in educational settings and in the community – Training programs and updates for professionals, access to information for updates and development purposes. Many contents that exist in the various settings, such as posters, lesson plans and presentations that present the food pyramid need to be updated, due to the paradigm shift from the food pyramid to the new nutritional rainbow. We recommend that you go through all the contents that exist in the various media platforms and update them accordingly.  

Files on the website:

Files are available in various formats: pdf, png, jpg.

Download the various graphic contents

Stay tuned for new publications that will be issued over the year.

These files are intended for health coordinators and for various professionals in local councils, teaching staff in formal and informal settings, health professionals and more.

Any and all developments and implementations will be based on the new nutritional guidelines and while citing the source (The Ministry of Health and Efsharibari). When developing and editing new contents, you should consult district public health nutritionists and municipal nutritionists.

The Nutritional Rainbow - Video in Hebrew
The Nutritional Rainbow - Video in Arabic