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EfshariBari for Me: Noga, Jenny and Ma’ayan

Each one of us experiences such moments of bliss upon finding healthier options or preparing diverse family meals. What is EfshariBari for you? And now: What does it mean for Noga, Jenny and Ma’ayan

Noga’s EfshariBari moment:

“My friend was celebrating his 28th birthday and after two days of deserts he wanted 'anything but cake!' So I decided to go for a different and much healthier concept. The reactions were equally enthusiastic”.

Jenny Kaplan’s EfshariBari moment:

“You won’t catch me without a box of natural unroasted almonds, nuts and organic dates. For me, these are an excellent option for a small, nice and satisfying snack between meals or when lunch/dinner is a few hours away or delayed/I am travelling/camping”.

הרגע האפשריבריא של ג'ני קפלן

Ma’ayan from Haifa’s EfshariBari moment:

An EfshariBari moment: Congratulations to Ma’ayan who celebrated her 5th birthday with her preschool friends with fruit, vegetables and whole wheat flour pizzas – and lots of joy, singing and dancing. It was fun and healthy!

צלחת כיבוד עם ירקות

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