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Efsharibari Bread and Pastry Label: Making It Easier for Consumers to Choose Healthy!

Over 100 different products from big and small manufacturers, with more than 40% of products in the category – it's time to join the EfshariBari Label

Eat Healthy


Fresh, easy and quick to prepare foods for the family instead of ultra-processed foods.

Eat Healthy

Shavuot – First Fruits in All the Colors of the Rainbow

For many people, Shavuot is associated with dairy foods – but is it? What are the different first fruits, and what is their connection to healthy nutrition and the Nutritional Rainbow?

Well Being

UK: Despite Statutory Restrictions, Unhealthy Foods Still Take Center Stage in Advertising for Children

A study that explored the scope of food advertising for children on UK television found that advertisements for fast food chains were quite common

Eat Healthy

Healthy Nutrition: Your Way to Strengthen Your Immune System

The coronavirus vaccines are already here, and still our nutrition plays a crucial role in strengthening our body and our immune system and in protecting us from chronic and infectious diseases

Eat Healthy

Nutritional Security: the Significant Role of Nutrition in Combatting Corona

Not just a mask and alcogel: healthy nutrition also protects against complications of the coronavirus, and so accessibility to healthy foods for all of us is especially important now

Eat Healthy

A Healthy Diet for the First 1,000 Days of a Child’s Life

From the beginning of pregnancy until age 2 – the first 1,000 day of a child’s life are critical to the development of the embryo

EfshariBari Passover

Smell the flowers, catch-up on quality time with the family and enjoy an active and healthy holiday. The spring break can also be EfshariBari.

Eat Healthy

FAQs About a Healthy Change in Your Home Kitchen

Change is never simple and it raises many questions. We have gathered all the questions and answers you need to know to help you choose EfshariBari and cast processed foods aside.

Eat Healthy

New Government Dietary Guidelines

Eat natural, colorful food, with familiar, favorite flavors and smells – and mainly eat healthier food. Everything you need to know about the Ministry of Health’s dietary guidelines and their health

Eat Healthy

Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

During pregnancy the body changes and the diet needs to change with it. Which foods are recommended during this time and which foods should be avoided?

Recommended Sodium Intake Poster

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Sodium Postcards

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Pastrami Sodium Poster

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