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Eat Healthy

Eating Healthy in the Golden Years

As you grow older, the priority of a healthy, balanced diet becomes higher for keeping independent in your daily activities, reducing the risk of chronic diseases

Efsharibari Challenge: The Key to Change and Healthy Living

Efsharibari's new strategy: promoting healthy nutrition and physical activity – the intelligent use of screens, strengthening the might and coping with stress and smoking prevention

Eat Healthy

EfshariBari Breastfeeding – a Healthy Start in Life

Important information for deciding whether to breastfeed: health, developmental and cognitive benefits of breastfeeding and their impact later on in life

Eat Healthy

Healthy Diet During Pregnancy

During pregnancy the body changes and the diet needs to change with it. Which foods are recommended during this time and which foods should be avoided?

Eat Healthy

Get Creative with the Nutritional Rainbow

Ways to implement the new nutritional rainbow for various target audiences and in various community settings

Eat Healthy

Nutritional Security: the Significant Role of Nutrition in Combatting Corona

Not just a mask and alcogel: healthy nutrition also protects against complications of the coronavirus, and so accessibility to healthy foods for all of us is especially important now

Healthy Urban Space – Shaping Urban Space to Promote Walking and Physical Activities

Documents with recommendations and examples for local councils for shaping the public space in such a way as to promote walking and physical activity.

Eat Healthy

Healthy Food Packages for Soldiers

We at EfshariBari suggest that you select foods that will both benefit the soldiers' health and delight them.

Efsharibari Bread and Pastry Label: Making It Easier for Consumers to Choose Healthy!

Over 100 different products from big and small manufacturers, with more than 40% of products in the category – it's time to join the EfshariBari Label

Efsharibari: Vision and Goals

Creating an environment that facilitates and fosters a culture of health, a reality where active and healthy living is our nature and our children’s nature, in all walks of life

Celebrate It: Promotion of the Healthy Celebration of Holidays and Events in Preschools and Schools

A new guide by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, as part of the national program Efsharibari, for the promotion of healthy celebration of holidays in preschools and schools

Eat Healthy

Colorful, festive, healthy stuffed peppers

A tasty and fancy main course and mainly: without meat. Peppers in a variety of colors or other vegetables we love: tomatoes, zucchinis, onions, or eggplants.

Public Appeal by the Ministry of Health for Health-Promoting Schools, "Choosing Healthy" for the 2023/4 School Year

The Ministry of Health issues a public appeal to health-promoting schools, "Choosing Healthy", for the 2023/4 school year. Last date for applications by school principals: 11 June 2023.

Eat Healthy

FAQs About a Healthy Change in Your Home Kitchen

Change is never simple and it raises many questions. We have gathered all the questions and answers you need to know to help you choose EfshariBari and cast processed foods aside.

Eat Healthy

Hanukkah in the Colors of the Rainbow

A healthy Hanukkah vacation in the spirit of the new nutritional rainbow