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Efsharibari Report 2017

Activity report of the National Program for Active and Healthy Living for the year 2017

Attached below, you will find the file containing the main achievements of the Efsharibari National Program for the year 2017. This year we saw significant and extensive progress in many areas.

The following achievements stood out in the various fields of activity:

  • Approving regulations for the labeling of harmful food (took effect on January 2020, following the food industry's request for an adjustment period of two years)
  • Over 100 manufacturers joined Efrsharibari's "Bread Badge" outline that labels whole-wheat rich and low-sodium products
  • First decrease in the recommended sodium intake for 3 major age groups in Israeli populations
  • Confirming guidelines regarding permitted and prohibited sale of products in cafeterias and vending machines in educational establishments
  • A significant leap in the number of health-promoting schools and preschools, and setting an objective for all educational establishments in Israel to be health-promoting

Download the full report