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Eat Healthy

Less Sodium for Children – It’s Efsharibari

How can you reduce your children’s sodium intake and why is it important to start at a young age?

Eat Healthy

Patent Pasta

A hot, tasty, colorful and fast Mediterranean dish: with cherry tomatoes, legumes and whole wheat pasta.

Policy Measures for Promoting Health in the Workplace

Summary of the legislative and regulatory measures for promoting physical activity, healthy nutrition, and reduced smoking in the workplace

Eat Healthy

Growing Up Healthy: Healthy Diet During Adolescence

Healthy nutrition and physical exercise are not only vital for the healthy development of the adolescent mind and body, but they also provide tools for a healthier lifestyle.

Eat Healthy

Green Signage in the Market to Raise Green Signage Awareness in Markets as Well

Mahane Yehuda is the first market in Israel to place green symbols in hundreds of businesses and stores

Eat Healthy

Food Deliveries for Families Evacuated from Their Homes

Would you like to donate? Have you decided to cook for families evacuated from their homes? It feels good for both the giver and the receiver.

Eat Healthy

The Red Symbols Are Coming to the Shelves

We will soon be able to tell at a glance if the food product has high amounts of sugar, fat and sodium that exceed the threshold set by the Ministry of Health.

Well Being

Hidden From the Eye – Far From the Lungs. It’s Good for Your Health

Everything you need to know about the Prohibition of Advertising and Restriction of Marketing of Tobacco Products Law, 1983

Eat Healthy

A Whole Meal in a Jar

A Mediterranean meal mixed in a jar, colorful, tasty, quick and most importantly – fun to prepare with the kids!

Eat Healthy

Buy Healthier and Cheaper? It's Efsharibari

If you take into account all aspects and consequences, it turns out that buying healthy food isn't only more expensive – it is even more economical

Efsharibari Report 2019

Activity report of the National Program for Active and Healthy Living for the year 2019

Eat Healthy

Shavuot – First Fruits in All the Colors of the Rainbow

For many people, Shavuot is associated with dairy foods – but is it? What are the different first fruits, and what is their connection to healthy nutrition and the Nutritional Rainbow?

Eat Healthy

Hanukkah in the Colors of the Rainbow

A healthy Hanukkah vacation in the spirit of the new nutritional rainbow

Eat Healthy

Europe Wants a Healthier Future: The Food and Nutrition Action Plan

Europe wants a healthier future: A new UN Action Plan works toward healthier nutrition

Eat Healthy

Herb and Dried Fruit Salad

A healthy, light, and easy-to-make dish