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Eat Healthy

Growing Up Healthy: Healthy Diet During Adolescence

Healthy nutrition and physical exercise are not only vital for the healthy development of the adolescent mind and body, but they also provide tools for a healthier lifestyle.

Efsharibari Around the World

Obesity, no physical activity, spending hours in front of screens, and smoking are challenges many countries share. What do they do about it? How do you say Efsharibari in French?

Efsharibari in the City: Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut

Parks and promenades, open fitness facilities and bicycle paths are only the beginning of health-promoting initiatives and new infrastructure in Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut.

Policy Measures for Promoting Health in the Workplace

Summary of the legislative and regulatory measures for promoting physical activity, healthy nutrition, and reduced smoking in the workplace

Eat Healthy

One Bite Tortilla Skewers

Mexican-inspired snack. Tortillas are a good source of fiber and calcium; avocado is an excellent source of good fats, especially monounsaturated fats which help reducing blood cholesterol.

Being Active

Physical Activity Improves the Body's Metabolism

Now it's backed by science: short and intensive physical activity improves a long line of important indices of cardiovascular health as well as the fat burning rate

Eat Healthy

Read, Compare and Choose Healthier: Ingredient List and Nutritional Labeling

How the ingredient list and nutrition labels can help us better understand what goes into the shopping cart – and choose healthier

Eat Healthy

Shavuot – First Fruits in All the Colors of the Rainbow

For many people, Shavuot is associated with dairy foods – but is it? What are the different first fruits, and what is their connection to healthy nutrition and the Nutritional Rainbow?

Being Active

Stairs: One Small Step for one Big Change for Your Health

Why and how to begin: Taking the stairs as part of your everyday routine will make your daily life much more active and healthier

Well Being

Study: Regular Meals Help Children’s Health

Is skipping meals associated with an increased risk of developing overweight and diseases at ages 6 to 8 years?

Eat Healthy

Healthy Nutrition: Your Way to Strengthen Your Immune System

The coronavirus vaccines are already here, and still our nutrition plays a crucial role in strengthening our body and our immune system and in protecting us from chronic and infectious diseases

Eat Healthy

Fresh is EfshariBari: The Recipes

Quick and easy recipes: Simple cooking for the entire family. Every recipe has common ingredients combined with products children don’t usually try

Nutritional Recommendations

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