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Eat Healthy

Melon-Grape-Green Mint Shake

This refreshing fruit shake is rich with carotenoids and potassium and contains vitamin A

EfshariBari Purim

Purim has become in recent years a holiday of sweets and processed snacks that have taken over the Purim baskets that children bring to school and preschool – but there is another way!

Eat Healthy

The Harsh Cost of Soft Drinks

The numbers and data that you should be familiar with regarding the ingredients and adverse effects of sugar-sweetened beverages

Eat Healthy

Enriched Homemade Granola

No odd-sounding additives, much less fat and sugar, more ingredients rich in minerals and vitamins - this homemade granola is fun to make and eat by ourselves or send to someone we want to cheer

Eat Healthy

Consuming Sugar-Sweetened Beverages is Associated With Cell Aging

A survey: Excessive consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with an accelerated aging process as manifested by certain chromosomal sequences

Eat Healthy

Switching to Drinking Water

It is not easy to change habits. In this article we answer frequently asked questions to help you or your child make the change.

Efsharibari in the City: Ma'alot-Tarshiha

A city nestled amidst the Galilee mountains, comprising of historic and modern neighborhoods, woods, parks, and a lake, promoting the health and wellbeing of its residents is a paramount goal.

Eat Healthy

Tap Water – Clearly Healthy

Drinking tap water in Israel is safe. How it reaches our tap, why it is recommended and more information about the most important consumer product in Israel.

Nutritional Recommendations

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