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Eat Healthy

Baked Zucchini Latkes with Feta Cheese and Mint

A healthy Hanukkah recipe for the whole family

Eat Healthy

Less Sodium for Children – It’s Efsharibari

How can you reduce your children’s sodium intake and why is it important to start at a young age?

Eat Healthy

Fruit and Vegetable Snacks

Cast aside the salty and sweet snacks. They contain especially high quantities of sodium (salt), fats and sugar, alongside flavor and smell enhancers, various additives to prolong their shelf life.

Eat Healthy

Why Fruit and Vegetables Should Be Part of Our Daily Diet?

Why is it important and particularly beneficial to include fruit and vegetables in our daily diet and how can we persuade children to like vegetables?

Eat Healthy

Mediterranean Tortilla

Colorful vegetables, a variety of legumes and wholegrains – all rolled together up to one tasty, quick and simple meal.

Eat Healthy

Herb and Dried Fruit Salad

A healthy, light, and easy-to-make dish

Eat Healthy

Patent Pasta

A hot, tasty, colorful and fast Mediterranean dish: with cherry tomatoes, legumes and whole wheat pasta.

Eat Healthy

Buy Healthier and Cheaper? It's Efsharibari

If you take into account all aspects and consequences, it turns out that buying healthy food isn't only more expensive – it is even more economical

Eat Healthy

Shavuot – First Fruits in All the Colors of the Rainbow

For many people, Shavuot is associated with dairy foods – but is it? What are the different first fruits, and what is their connection to healthy nutrition and the Nutritional Rainbow?

Being Active

More Walk Trails – More Happy Residents

It turns out that by improving infrastructures that encourage physical activity in public spaces, local authorities can help residents become happier.

Well Being

Smoke Free City – 2014

A smoke free city is where the local authority assumes a commitment to reduce the extent of smoking, establishing a clear policy of keeping and maintaining smoke-free environments

Eat Healthy

Cucumber Roll

As a starter, snack or just “on the road”, with quality calcium from the cheese and a variety of vitamins from the colorful vegetables.

Eat Healthy

One Bite Tortilla Skewers

Mexican-inspired snack. Tortillas are a good source of fiber and calcium; avocado is an excellent source of good fats, especially monounsaturated fats which help reducing blood cholesterol.

Eat Healthy

Mediterranean Roast Vegetables With Low Fat Goat Cheese

A salad that is also a meal: Vegetable antipasti with herbs, juicy chickpeas, olive oil, pickled lemon, basil harissa, pomegranate and goat’s cheese.

Eat Healthy

Pumpkin Muffins

Tasty orange cakes – a quick and fun 5-step recipe fun to make with the kids