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Get Creative with the Nutritional Rainbow

Ways to implement the new nutritional rainbow for various target audiences and in various community settings

Public Appeal by the Ministry of Health for Health-Promoting Schools, "Choosing Healthy" for the 2023/4 School Year

The Ministry of Health issues a public appeal to health-promoting schools, "Choosing Healthy", for the 2023/4 school year. Last date for applications by school principals: 11 June 2023.

Nutritional Security: the Significant Role of Nutrition in Combatting Corona

Not just a mask and alcogel: healthy nutrition also protects against complications of the coronavirus, and so accessibility to healthy foods for all of us is especially important now

Staying Inside? Stay in Shape!

Examples for activities and exercises that you can do at home without leaving the house and without any special equipment, to improve your fitness, relax and release tension.

Emergency Routine with Children

How do you create a routine during emergencies at home? How do you enhance resilience among children? What can be done, and what should not be done?

Fresh, Healthy and Educational: Vegetable Gardens at Preschools

From garden to plate: the initiative for making healthier nutritional habits which is part of the routine at preschools. It’s possible at your preschool too!

Efsharibari in the Educational System 2022

A summary of the activities of the Efsharibari National Program for Active and Healthy Living in the educational system in 2022.

Go for It: 90 More Minutes of Being Active and Healthy Every Week

A new hands-on guide with various suggestions for incorporating an additional 90 minutes of exercise per week for students in school: lessons, recess, and special activities.

Efsharibari Bread and Pastry Label: Making It Easier for Consumers to Choose Healthy!

Over 100 different products from big and small manufacturers, with more than 40% of products in the category – it's time to join the EfshariBari Label

About Children and Screens

Despite screens are everywhere, intelligent use of them will allow to grow a healthy and active generation.

Buy Healthier and Cheaper? It's Efsharibari

If you take into account all aspects and consequences, it turns out that buying healthy food isn't only more expensive – it is even more economical

A Whole Meal in a Jar

A Mediterranean meal mixed in a jar, colorful, tasty, quick and most importantly – fun to prepare with the kids!

Cooking EfshariBari: Tasty, Colorful, Mediterranean

Experiential Mediterranean nutrition activities that can be done together – as a family, as a class, or the entire school

Efsharibari Report 2017

Activity report of the National Program for Active and Healthy Living for the year 2017

Switching to Consumption of Healthier Oils

What is the difference between the various types of fat in our food, why should healthier fat intake be part of a healthy diet, and which ones are indeed more beneficial?