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Eat Healthy

Fresh is EfshariBari: The Recipes

Quick and easy recipes: Simple cooking for the entire family. Every recipe has common ingredients combined with products children don’t usually try

Eat Healthy

Processed Foods - Cast Aside, Fresh Equals Efsharibari!

What are the definitions of processed and ultra-processed foods, why do we tend to consume too much of them, and what can be done so that even in your family you can cast the processed food aside?

Eat Healthy

Switching to Drinking Water

It is not easy to change habits. In this article we answer frequently asked questions to help you or your child make the change.

Eat Healthy

Healthier Hanukkah Even during the Coronavirus Outbreak: anywhere, anytime, It's Efsharibari

Healthier Hanukkah during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Eat Healthy

The Harsh Cost of Soft Drinks

The numbers and data that you should be familiar with regarding the ingredients and adverse effects of sugar-sweetened beverages

Being Active

Zazoom! Keeping Active Even while Seated in Front of the Screen at Home or Work

Do you feel like your attention and energy levels drop during your workday after hours in front of the screen and video meetings that never end? Take a few moments to exercise while seated.

Eat Healthy

Orange Lentil "Hummus"

Legumes are an excellent source of quality protein and could be prepared in many cooking methods, some of them very surprising

Being Active

Staying in Motion: Games From Olden Days

Play, be active and stay healthy: 60 ideas for being active with the kids, at school, at home or in the garden

Eat Healthy

Baked Apple Chips

Easy to make, just two ingredients, the oven on low temperature, together with a few apples - work some magic in the kitchen with baked apple "chips" to replace any candy or ultra-processed snack.

Umm al-Fahm: EfshariBari Community Change

Food is also a tradition – one that can be passed on through our family, ethnic group, religion and even the community. And when we work together – change is possible.

Eat Healthy

Efsharibari is All About Family Meals

One family meal a day can reduce the risk of obesity in adolescents

Efsharibari Around the World

Obesity, no physical activity, spending hours in front of screens, and smoking are challenges many countries share. What do they do about it? How do you say Efsharibari in French?

Eat Healthy

Read, Compare and Choose Healthier: Ingredient List and Nutritional Labeling

How the ingredient list and nutrition labels can help us better understand what goes into the shopping cart – and choose healthier

Policy Measures for Promoting Health in the Workplace

Summary of the legislative and regulatory measures for promoting physical activity, healthy nutrition, and reduced smoking in the workplace

Well Being

Sleep on It: Recommended Amount of Sleep by Age

Having sufficient amount of sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. How many hours of sleep do our children need and how much can we settle for without a cost to our health?